Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Digital Ignition Programme

Hi blogger world,
Today we went to the Digital Ignition Programme to learn about CSI the C stands for clear, the S stands for step by step, the I stand for instructions. We learned about what happens when you say something to a robot and when you say something to a human. When you say something to a robot they would not do the action but when someone tell us do something we do it and we know that you have to programme robots to do something like move right or something like that but we know what we sohuld do.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for visiting my blog to.In this picture we are mixing up cards and putting them into order.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The marae trip

The marae trip
Hi bollger's, We went  on a trip called the marae trip. I was confused, what was the
marae? I asked myself. We went to the marae on  a bus. When we got there I saw a

school and it was Lynfield College. When we entered into the marae we went into a
Whare and people were doing the powhiri  while we came in. After they stopped.
Then we sang our songs.

Why did we go there?
I think we went there because we had to learn about someone else’s culture. I  think that
we went there because we had to know what this country is like and we all  had to
know how to do the haka and all of maori stuff and most of all we went there because it
was matriki.

Where was the marae?
The marae was in Lynfield College. To go there we went on  a bus. The real marae was
in the whare.

Who was at the marare?
Everyone went to the marae in our school.
This is a photo of Harris calls and room 2 doing the haka. Please give me some feedback.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Samoan language week

Talofa  blogger world,
 I know that I have not been blogging for a while because I was to busy doing my work but at least I am back.So today the 30th of May in 2018 our whole entire class did a template filled patterns and here is a photo of my one.As you can see I reflected some of my patterns  because I wanted my one to have more detail.
Thank you for reading my template example and bye.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

hi  bloggers today i am going to talk about hi bloggers today i am going to talk about  something called reading group information. Here's a video of our group.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

 hi blogers today i am going to tell you how did Scientists   make glow in the dark  bunnies. Istanbul  have  developed a pair of glow in the dark rabbits.
Turkish scientists injected fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA into a mother rabbit’s embryo in a lab.The embryo was then put back in the mummy rabbit and when the litter of eight bunnies were born two glowed a vivid green under black light.
The Turkish researchers are already looking ahead to welcome the birth of the country’s first glow in the dark sheep, expected in November.

here's a Picture of a glowing rabbit 

Friday, September 22, 2017

hi bloggers Today we went to Tristar Gymnastics  and at Tristar Gymnastics  we got to do stuff like go in the foam pit and we had to do a relay in the foam pit. Henderson class was there and Ethan and kale those are people that was there.I would rate ⅗ because at the same time was and hurt parts was not that good.