Friday, November 30, 2018

3 places in Harris Class

Hello bloggers,

Today i'm going to tell you guys about my writing which will be about the 3 places that I like in my class. If you want to see my writing here it is down below.

The classroom has a lot of places to go like the library  which i'm going to talk about and 2 other places in Harris Class.

First of all i'm going to talk about the library because it's kinda related to me because I do like to read any kinda text that i'm interested in. History books are my favourite of all books because we can learn about what happens in a war or something else. Occasionally Harris class don't like reading books but some people like me read books. We are lucky we have our own library because we don't have to go to the real library  and issue books we can just read our own instead of going to the library.

Second place I like is the chromebook cupboard it makes sure that our chromebooks stay safe. leaving them out  would be dangerous who knows they might get stolen or we might fight over which one is our because some of the chromebooks have no name. When we are having brain food break and we are sitting on a chair and the chromebook is not in the cupboard we might spill the milk on the chromebook and the chromebook wont work.

Third of all the book box we need the book box because we don't have enough space to put our books we can't just put it in our own lairby because it will overflow WITH BOOKS! that's why we have a book box.

These are the most popular places right? what do you think?

please give me some feedback on my work.

The Car Boot Sale

Hello blogger world,

Image result for hay park school MT ROSKILL car boot saleToday i'm going to blog about the Car Boot Sale which was yesterday Thursday November the 29th. All of us were going to do a performance and we had cultural groups which was Bollywood,Tongan and Samoan. I was in Bollywood, we danced in the hall and there was cookies,ice blocks,skids prizes and more. They even opened 3 car boots that were filed clothes. This is the picture of what the poster was like.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Namaste bloggers,

We had to learn about Diwali and make a poster with facts. we were trying to compare Xmas and Diwali together. We had to be in two buddy's for each group. If you want to see our work here it is and please give some feedback on this work.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How turn your teacher into a toad

Hello bloggers,

Two weeks ago we did a piece of writing called how to turn your teacher into a toad. We  were trying to use specific verbs and try using different sentence starters. here's my writing below.

How to turn your teacher into a toad

If your teacher doesn't give free time you should make a potion to turn her into a toad.
You have to get:
  • Toads ear wax
  • Blender
  • Leaves (poison)
  • Black widow
  • Ants
  • Humans hair
  • Nits
  • Kraken head
  • Bees
  • Sea animals snots

  1. Get the biggest blender you have
  2. Toss in the toads ear wax
  3. Shove in the leaves in the blender
  4. Lunch in the black widow
  5. Get a chunk of ants and hurl them in
  6. Deliver in the human's hair to the blender
  7. Send in the nits
  8. Lift the kraken head in
  9. Thrust in the bees
  10. Appeal in the sea animals snots

Turn on the blender and make sure its sticky and nasty so your teacher can drink it!

Please give me feed back on my writing Bye!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Learning about swimming

Hello blogger world,

This week we have been researching about swimming and finding out facts about swimming. We all want to be safe in the water that's why we have been learning about what to do when you're about to drown.

I'm going to tell you a fact that might blow your mind (or maybe not).. There is actually more land than water but in the map it looks like there is more water right?

if you want to see our slides look down

Thanks for your your time ;) bye blogger world!

Friday, September 28, 2018

It Was Soo Fun!

Hello bloggers,
On Wednesday  WE HAD OUR  MANATEE SHOW! And I was really nervous but.. it turned out fine we preformed and we had other schools com
e to. I felt like I might mess this up but I did not which was a good thing. If you did come to the manatee show comment I came to your show! Here's some pictures

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Great Wall of China

Ni hao blogger wold,

This week is Chinese language week, Today we have been focusing  on the Great Wall of China but at the same time we are doing the production so we are really busy. I will tell you some facts I know about the Great Wall of China

I learned...

  • The Great wall of China can been seen barely in space.
  • The Great Wall of China is about 23 or 20 feet and the average height is 6 or 7 meters.
  • The Great wall of China is the longest structure that humans made.
I have a question for the Great Wall of China and for the people that live there.
Why did they make it so long that it might be able to cover the whole entire China?