Tuesday, November 28, 2017

hi  bloggers today i am going to talk about hi bloggers today i am going to talk about  something called reading group information. Here's a video of our group.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

 hi blogers today i am going to tell you how did Scientists   make glow in the dark  bunnies. Istanbul  have  developed a pair of glow in the dark rabbits.
Turkish scientists injected fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA into a mother rabbit’s embryo in a lab.The embryo was then put back in the mummy rabbit and when the litter of eight bunnies were born two glowed a vivid green under black light.
The Turkish researchers are already looking ahead to welcome the birth of the country’s first glow in the dark sheep, expected in November.

here's a Picture of a glowing rabbit 

Friday, September 22, 2017

hi bloggers Today we went to Tristar Gymnastics  and at Tristar Gymnastics  we got to do stuff like go in the foam pit and we had to do a relay in the foam pit. Henderson class was there and Ethan and kale those are people that was there.I would rate ⅗ because at the same time was and hurt parts was not that good.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

hi blogers today i am going to show you about something called   collaboration and i want to share my work with you and here's my work.

this is my link to the  video

Google Drive: Working on the same file at the same time

Friday, September 1, 2017

hi blogers today we was writing about how to care for chicks and he's some of my work.Could you leave me a comment about how good is my work?


 Chicks are really fluffy they are really small.  A boy chick is named a cockerel and a girl chick is called a pullet. For this explanation this is how you care chicks.

About the incubator
An incubator is something that makes the eggs warm. The incubator is a heated place and a cold place and together and  together  it makes humidity.  When the chicks are pipping you can see holes plus they are really slow at hatching. The incubator is really good for the chicks. An incubator is something that makes the eggs moist/soft. The incubator is a warm,moist environment that creates humidity. Humidity is something that keeps the eggs shazy. Inside the incubator there’s a water tray inside the incubator there's a fan at the  top/the grill/and the tomemessat. We need the incubator because we need the  eggs to hatch and we want the chicks to be alive too. It takes a long time to care for the chicks can be really distracted in your class and some time they fight over the  food. Some time we  pick the up the chicks but they want to run away.  

About the brooder

The brooder is a house for the  chicks they have a heat lamp inside the brooder/kicken paper/water bell/bowl of chick food. The brooder makes the chicks warm because they have a heat lamp. Twice a day we feed the chick or we put new chick food inside the bowl.We have to chage the kitchen paper whenever the chicks poo.There is a lid on top of the brooder. Our lid is only half ed because then we can elsy open the lid.


Some chicks were taken by joe because room 8 did not have any chicks .So we had to give the chick to joe. At the end of chick caring we got a Certificate for looking after the chicks well.  After all that caring for chicks it is all normal again. So it is not that easy to care for chicks. Do you want to take care of a chick?